Saturday, January 5, 2013


Oh look, I finally decided to post something.

I was going to post other posts that were about anime but I got lazy the past couple of weeks. I'm not even sure if they're even worth writing if nobody's really interested.

I guess I should write about the new year... Meh, I'll talk about Comiket 83 instead. I'm really enjoying some of the music that came out.

Draw the Emotional/Foreground Eclipse - Seated With Liquor
I was surprised to see these two circles/bands come together and collaborate on an album. I really like Draw the Emotional in particular, or ゆよゆっぺ since he composes everything. Foreground Eclipse on the other hand is pretty hit or miss with me. Both of their genres are a weird mix of hardcore/metalcore/scenecore whatever the fuck you wanna call it and J-rock. I noticed that ゆよゆっぺ used a much lower sound mix for their songs too. Anyway, this album is awesome, better to just listen for yourself. Personal favorites are the first two tracks.

Hardcore Tano*C
I've listened to both Radiance and Speedball GT but I haven't given them thorough listens yet. This means that I don't really have a favorite track from these albums but I might eventually. I'm more of a fan of the Hardcore Syndrome albums, which get released annually at Summer Comiket. I still listen to these individual albums since more Happy Hardcore/J-core is always a good thing.

岸田教団 & The 明星ロケッツ - Rock 'n' Roll Laboratory
I like the fact that one of my favorite bands is still doing doujin music even though they're signed to a record label. This album was pretty good, not the best but still better than their worst. I think I liked every song on this album since I'm having a hard time picking out a favorite.

There's still more albums I need to listen to and others that I didn't mention. There's just too much music.

Something's wrong with my hand again, which means I can't really do anything. It kinda hurts, had to type with one hand. This sucks, it's been like this for a while. I can't even get any work done, fuck.

Have a nice day.

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  1. >岸田教団 & The 明星ロケッツ - Rock 'n' Roll Laboratory
    I like the fact that one of my favorite bands is still doing doujin music

    I downloaded a few of their albums way back in the day and loved them. I should go find this one!

    Is there something on my face?