Thursday, August 9, 2012

More video games

This post is for more video games that I've been playing. The two that I'm going to be mentioning are ones that I played at around the same time. It kinda sucked because they're both really good and engrossing games.

The first one I'll mention is Digimon World Re:Digitize on the PSP. I was looking forward to this game for a while since I knew it was going to be like Digimon World for the PS1. Playing through Re:Digitize was awesome. It really felt like a modern update to the original game. Getting Numemon because you messed up was no longer the case. Now, Greymon is the new Numemon. Dammit. Training your Digimon is also more streamlined, which is something the series really needed. The PS1 game was extremely brutal because it expected you to raise them perfectly without mistakes while knowing where everything is in order to complete the game. Re:Digitize is much better paced and gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want. The combat is still the same as Digimon World. You can't control them like you would in a regular RPG but that's just a staple of the series and gets the job done.

I love the official artwork

One thing that did discourage me is the grinding. Now, grinding in this game isn't fighting battles, it's actually training your digimon. If you've played the PS1 game, you'd know that digimon need to be trained and taken cared of just like a virtual pet. The games are pretty much virtual pet simulators with heavy RPG elements in the mix. This also means that they don't last forever because they die after a certain time period. You need to keep raising different digimon, which have better stats if you chose reincarnation, in order to progress through the game. By the time I got to my fifth digimon, I was already feeling kinda tired of doing the same thing over again.

I stopped playing the game after this. I was using my awesome Angewomon that wrecked pretty much everything and it was great to finally have my first super powerful digimon. When her time was up, I just couldn't go on anymore since raising them takes way too long so I just stopped. I'll come back to it, though. I still need to finish the story and it's interesting enough to get me to come back. It's completely in Japanese but it has furigana so it pretty much means that I can understand all if not most of it.

I finally decided to play Fallout New Vegas, or as I like to put it, the real Fallout 3. Without getting too much into it, Fallout 3 was pretty good but a lot of things just didn't fit in right with the series, which is where New Vegas comes in. I started up the game, and to no surprise, I saw that this game was in serious need of mods. I was prepared for this but it took me a while just to get them all working right. Once I had a good looking female character wearing the GANTZ suit with the big ass GANTZ katana and a custom radio playing the Wangan Midnight Soundtrack, I was ready to have a good time. Playing the game this way for the first time was an amazing experience. Just like my ultimate Cyberpunk Fantasy!

The game itself was good. The dialogue was gold and exploring the desert was cool. Though, I personally don't like the dirty post-apocalyptic aesthetic. Sci-fi guy here. The gameplay is still kinda clunky but I didn't get a chance to mod that. To be honest, I don't think I can ever play this game vanilla. It just doesn't seem like my cup of tea. It's a pretty good game but I won't really enjoy it unless I play it the way I want to. Going through that desert at night, listening to the techno tunes of Wangan Midnight and using my game-breaking weapons. This is the way I liked to play it. I stopped playing this game too. I got to a certain quest and found out that I could've done something beforehand. I didn't have a save to go back to and that pretty much made me not want to play it. I'll get back to this too, I think.

That's it for now, so what are you guys playing?