Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Yeah..., let's all post when it's most convenient! ;_;

Hah! There's actually more to this post!

Personally, I had to deal with some shit today so my morning was pretty crap. Holidays have never been special days for me or they've always been the worst days of the year. In other news, I have some posts lined up in the coming days so expect something soon.

Well, hope you have a good time everybody. Get that backlog finished already! Christmas cake is best eaten before the expiration date.


  1. A merry belated Christmas to you too! I hope it at least wasn't the worst day of your year this time around.

    >Get that backlog finished already!

    Haha, you're a funny guy.

  2. Cheers Jerry.

    >that feel when your backlog will never be finished, or even started

  3. That feel when to lazy to make a Christmas post.