Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some video games I played

I haven't been talking about what video games I've been playing lately, so this post is going to be dedicated to that. I planned to add another poll but it won't let me for some reason.

Let's start at the very beginning. I was playing Dark Souls quite a bit and I was really liking it. But then I got stuck at a certain part of the game. I don't know the names of the locations but it was the area where you had to fight two bosses at once. You might be thinking, "Oh, that shouldn't be a problem." But it IS. I tried a few more times, grinded, and even got new armor but nothing helped. Normally I would keep trying but I just stopped playing. I was stuck in that area and you can't go back to the hub until you beat the boss. Yes, literally stuck there. The game became unappealing at that point. I'll go back to it someday, I think.

Now, at some point I decided to go back and give Fate/Extra another try since the game was severely lackluster when I first played it. Well, it was still kinda poop. The gameplay is the main problem here. Sure, they tried to make it different but it's just really sluggish and boring. It doesn't have that "fun" factor that other RPGs are supposed to have with its gameplay. I guess this is why they bundled it with a figma. The dungeons are kinda bland and the school, the main hub area, feels hollow and boring. But for some reason I kept playing. I don't know why. Maybe it was the mediocre story or the quirky interactions with a more rude SEIBAH. Or maybe it was my video game pride saying, "I'm gonna beat this fucking game! FUCK YEAH!" I stopped playing this game around 2 weeks ago. I was pretty far into it. I'm not sure if I enjoyed playing the game or I liked the thought of me beating it. One thing is for certain, I will come back to it.

 At the same time I played Phantasy Star Online 2. I signed up during the open beta since I couldn't wait anymore. The game was awesome, it was everything you'd expect from the sequel to Phantasy Star Online. I don't play it too much since there's nothing that really compels me to play more. It's pretty much a huge grind, which is what the series is about. A fun grind, though.

True hero of GUNDAMu

 Let's move onto some recent games. I've been playing Gundam Battle Operation, a lot. It was the one that I was looking forward to and it did not disappoint. Well, there is one thing. Being a free to play online game, you can only play up to three matches. Once those matches are up, you have to wait two hours for one more chance to play. This can stack up to three. You also get rewarded free matches for doing various things like ranking up. There's also the quick method, which is to pay money to add a set amount of games. It isn't pay to win since matchmaking does a good job at pairing you up with similarly ranked players.
I mostly play as Zeon.
The game is all online multiplayer, so no local play. You start off with a junker grunt mobile suit and later on you can upgrade to better grunt mobile suits. Yup, this game is mostly grunt units and it's pretty cool. There are those super special, high level mechs such as the Dom, Gouf, and da GUNDAM. These take quite a bit of time to unlock but if you've been playing every chance you get since the beginning, then you'd probably have these mechs by now. I, personally, have not so I'm still using level 2 mechs.
I wish you could use this in the game.
Actually, I just barely unlocked the painting option. Yeah, you can paint your mechs and the pilot. Fucking awesome. Paint it red to go three times faster. Oh, and I'm doing surprisingly well when I play, sometimes I do the best out of the entire team. I'm at the stage where I do better than most people but I can't beat high level people since their mechs are much more advanced than mine so I go down in two hits. Finding out how to use custom search led me to play with high level people. Never again. As you can tell, I really like this game. Maybe some of you with PS3s can come join the fun. It's only on Japanese PSN so you need a Japanese account. The game is, of course, completely in Japanese but still very playable for those that don't know the language. The controls will take some getting used to, as do a lot of games, but you really need to learn how to control effectively if you want to become the best newtype there is. If you're curious, check out some gameplay videos on youtube.

There's a couple more games I've been playing but I'll save those for later.  Next post, probably.

So, what have you been playing?


  1. Dark Souls sounds challenging. Gundam sounds pretty cool. Good luck.

    I haven't had time to play anything lately. I started a new game in Fallout 3 a week ago because I felt like it.

  2. I can imagine how fighting two bosses at once could be frustrating. I'm looking forward to trying Dark Souls once it gets to PC though, not long now.

    >Fate/Extra not so good

    b-b-but Seiba!