Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Winter anime thoughts

I'm still trying to fix my sleep schedule. I hate waking up at this hour. I guess I'll talk about some more series that ended.

Kawaii overload

I mentioned that I picked up Inu x Boku SS on impulse and I'm glad I did. Just like Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, this was another personal favorite this season. So many HHNNNGG moments and the comedy was nice too. It had a theme of Japanese mythological creatures but the show made it seem unnecessary. The ending tied it nicely but it felt like more could've been added. A second season would be nice. Overall, great fun and I wouldn't mind going for a rewatch.

Next we have Amagami SS+ plus. It was a good addendum to the first series. More interactions between the characters are always welcome. Of course, there were more hijinks as well as some much needed conflict in the arcs. I would like to add that I enjoyed how Rihoko's arc ended. Deal with it.

Mr. Swag

Let's move on to Persona 4. A good adaptation of the game and the liberties it took were welcome. The first few episodes seemed bland but it soon picked up pace and delivered. There were a few things cut out but it didn't really matter. Also, there were events in the game that got placed in different/weird places in the anime. It did a good job of handling the serious drama scenes as well as delivering comedy at the right places. I wouldn't recommend going into this without playing the game first. The whole series felt like icing on the cake for people that already played it.

I also saw the second season of Bakuman. The series is about a duo pursuing their dream of being the #1 mangaka. When I saw the first season I was amazed at how fired up it got me. Season two dealt with more of the drama SoL side of things rather than the manga side. It was still extremely enjoyable and the end really got to me. Season three was announced at the end so I'll be looking forward to that.

more Ririchiyo is never a bad thing

Mirai Nikki is the last series left to finish. I need to finish Milky Holmes S2 but I'll get to it when I can. Gundam Seed HD is still airing but I think I'll wait until the BDs are out so I can finish it. I'll announce what I'm watching for Spring once I've solidified my choices.


  1. >Get Tigoris writing NOW

    I'm about to work on the story now. If I get to a good point, I should have more posted soon. I'm intending to finish Inu x Boku eventually, since as you said, "Ririchiyo is too cute."

  2. >The whole series felt like icing on the cake for people that already played it.

    That sums it up pretty well really.

    >I need to finish Milky Holmes S2

    I still need to start it, last I heard there weren't really any subs for it.

    I haven't watched the new Amagami, but I sure hope Rihoko got better treatment than she did in the first series.

  3. Wow, so much to watch.

    I really need to watch (and replay) P4. I was hesitant to start it in fear of comparing it to the game and being disappointed in some way. Looks good, though.

  4. I need to download P4 and watch it as well...was going to do that as it was airing, but I never did. Who would have guessed? -_-;;