Saturday, January 7, 2012

Talking about Katawa Shoujo

I'm pretty sure a lot of people know that Katawa Shoujo was released. Frankly, I don't feel like talking about it too much since I've been doing so already with quite a few people so it's a bit tiring.

What I will say is that I played through Hanako's and Lilly's route without any distractions. I was mostly curious about Hanako's route since she was the most appealing to me. Needless to say, I was underwhelmed. BUT, I found her character very relatable. Then I went for Lilly since it was a reload a way. I found this one much more well-written but don't go in expecting a literary masterpiece. 

After finishing those two routes, I didn't have the stamina nor the curiosity to pursue the rest. I became tired of the VN and didn't want to be forced to do something I didn't want to do. So I said, "Fuck it, bring on the spoilers". For people that don't know, I HATE spoilers and it really DOES affect my experience of things. This one time would be the exception. The VN itself is a good attempt but I'm sure the team could've done better. I know that they disbanded right after, which is a shame.

KS felt very mediocre, a little above average at best. It felt like it was a patchwork of several different things. In which case, I heard Shizune's route was more apparent in that regard. I also feel that people shouldn't take negative opinions seriously and counter with, "what did you expect?" I expected nothing and I got something average. It isn't bad since there are worse VNs out there. However, I did find the amount of technical polish to be really nice. Little things like menus, non-clipping music, sounds, etc. I can see that someone who doesn't play a lot of VNs would be blown away by it but it didn't do much for me.

I could've gone in greater detail but I feel that I've talked enough. Remember that it's just an opinion and if you enjoyed going through the VN, then that's awesome. I wish I enjoyed it that much. But I didn't.


  1. Mm, intriguing. That's good dedication; finishing two routes that fast. Haven't read it yet so I can't comment about my thoughts/criticisms.

    Did they really disband? I had no idea.

  2. hisao is the most annoying little shit of all times

  3. I'm not sure about if I'll finish any route. You kinda confirmed my idea of the VN: okay, but not really that good.

  4. I probably won't even download it. All the hype and chatter about it is getting a tad annoying, so it's not really in my good graces. Plus, I never finish VNs, so why bother.

    >no pictures

    B-But how will I get my moé fix?

    >Hidamari banner

    Ah, yes, there is that.

  5. I'll finish it just because I sort of feel obligated at this point, I waited so long so...might as well get through it. Emi's route was okay, I talked about it a bit in my last post.

    I think I can see myself writing this one off as average too, and I'm not sure how to feel about that..on one hand they had 5 damn years, and yes I know they were just a random group of people but general I didn't like their attitude towards developing. They didn't set a schedule, and they refused to think about it. To me that just says they were very non-committal and didn't really think it through. Of course, I'm not one to

  6. I think I'll try it soon, might as well

  7. Ya I agree but, its still hard to gather fans that want to create some thing "we all can enjoy" with out the motivation of money(implying they are skilled). Well now its one of those things, that anime enthusiasts achieved from the western side.

  8. I felt the same in general, the technical side was great and the writing had its good parts, but the inconsistencies between and within the routes really got to me. Five writers really isn't such a good idea I don't think.

    I think I'll finish the all the routes though, I'm not finding it BAD per se and I do like to complete things.